Wayne Bartelt is an over-the-hill freelance writer with Master Degrees in History and Divinity. Writing credits include a weekly newspaper humor column, articles in religious magazines, and several books. His blog, is published every Monday morning, rain, shine, or foggy, and will be as long as God grants time and stamina.

It seems as though readers often have questions about how a writer gets his ideas and puts them down on paper. As a seasoned writer, let me share with you how easy writing is. The first thing you do is bring up a blank page in your computer. It’s white. If it has writing on it, it’s not white, but black on white. The second thing you do is stare at the blank page and think of something to write. After about 15 minutes, you will be sweating. After 30 minutes you will be sweating great drops of blood. Log off your computer and restart before you short circuit your keyboard, and restart your computer. You might get a brilliant idea and want to be ready.

The first rule of writing is to get something down on your computer page. It doesn’t have to make sense; I’ve read a number of books that didn’t make sense, but someone published them anyway. The important thing is that you have to have something to rewrite. The second rule of good writing is in rewriting. That will give you something to do. Make sure the chapters are clearly marked and are placed in numerical order. One more thing: after the last chapter, remember to type The End so the reader knows when to stop reading.

Wayne has two published books: Talk To Me, God . . . I’m Confused (Sept. 2010), paperback and eBook formats, and Voices from Jesus’ Passion, eBook format only. Currently, he is offering What You Don’t Know about Joy in the Amazon ebook format.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Hi Wayne, I’m sorry I didn’t sign on sooner to An Abundance of Joy. You are so creative and inspirational. Not to mention entertaining. Its a side of you I’ve never seen before! Hope you don’t mind I’m sharing some of your material with my customers. Thank you, Ellen the Barber.

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