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  1. Wayne says:

    This is Wayne checking out the blog. 11-8-16. The header is the usual one. The Get Inspired page was not upgraded.

  2. Keep talking to God and he’ll keep listening. That’s an intimate relationship with God and Jesus, and the kind he wants. Keep reading and listening and talking. Wayne Bartelt

  3. 262-488-1383 says:

    HI Wayne, as a kid growing up Catholic, and into my 30’s, I thought prayer had to be a formatted, scripted prayer for God to hear me. For example, The Lord’s prayer repeated over and over attached to whatever I was requesting. Today, I tell God how I’m feeling, and ask for whatever it takes to take away those “bad” feelings. I also regularly tell him how grateful I am for so many blessings each day. Sometimes,,,, when I’m really frustrated or angry, Ill let him know that too!So, for me, I have “conversations” with God— which today is my way of being really honest and intimate. I think its yet another form of prayer. What do you think?

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