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 What You Don’t Know About Joy
Never Stop Reaching for the Life You Want 

Christians know they are not the heroes of faith and champions of righteous living they’d like to be. To show the way, What You Don’t Know About Joy, Never Stop Reaching for the Life You Want, provides a blueprint for Christians to lift themselves to a higher sense of purpose, and make choices that bring them closer to Jesus. Under the guidance of the Holy Spirit, they can be better tomorrow than they are today.

What You Don’t Know About Joy, available only through Amazon, provides a blueprint for readers to lift themselves to a higher sense of purpose, and choose outcomes that bless their lives with joy. In ten concise chapters, the book offers the encouragement readers need to recharge their Christian identity with motivation and discipline.

To that end, What You Don’t Know About Joy includes chapters that demonstrate

How to convert a sluggish life into a spectacular life.

How to take God’s advice even when you know better.

How to stop acting religious and grow spiritually.

How to use your talents to the best of your ability.

How to be respected for what you are.

The simple plain-spoken language provides an easy-to-read background that encourages readers to make their forgiveness from Jesus and their hope of heaven the central theme of their lives. There’s lots to learn about joy.

The good news is that What You Don’t Know About Joy won’t cost you a nickel, IT’S FREE. Why free? The author wants readers to get acquainted with books in his It’s Okay to Laugh with Jesus Series. He’s challenging readers to draw comparisons between how they see themselves today against how they want to be for the rest of their lives. That includes how to fill a life with random acts of love; how to stop acting religious and grow spiritually; and how to learn that great love and great risks complement each other.

But how do you get a free book . . . . . . Not to worry if you don’t have an Amazon Account. The eBook may be downloaded to any computer using Windows programs. Go to a search engine, type in “Amazon Kindle for PC,” and follow the three-step instructions. Don’t miss out.


Voices from Jesus’ Passion

The story of Jesus’ suffering and death has all the pathos and power of a New York Times top ten novel—loyalty and betrayal, love and hate, suffering and healing. Taking center stage, the magnificence of Jesus’ sacrifice almost trivializes the events that lead up to it. If we are not imaginative, we can read the familiar story of Jesus’ Passion with a carelessness that glosses over the drama supplied by the subplots.
Bartelt’s purpose in Voices from Jesus’ Passion, The Story of Jesus’ Death Told by Those Who Lived It, to portray the characters in this story as more than one dimensional actors in the 2000 year old drama that changed the world. Let there be no mistake: Jesus is still the hero of this story. But the friends who deserted him, and the enemies who contrived his death, were real people of flesh and blood, living breathing human beings who had hopes, dreams, goals and prejudices. The last hours of Jesus Christ’s life became the proving ground which brought out craven and despicable elements in some participants and praise-worthy attributes in others. Some saw what they wanted to see; others what they were conditioned to see. All, however, played a part in the miracle of God’s love.

Although the monologue approach qualifies the book for inspirational reading alone, a carefully thought out Study Guide prompts fresh insights through probing questions, timely discussion topics, and suggested Bible readings. Test market results indicate that the monologue format brings out a healthy discussion of character traits either to avoid or to emulate in living the Christian life.
Voices from Jesus’ Passion breaths new vitality into a familiar story with a format that brings life and depth to each character and prompts the reader to say with faith and amazement, “I never knew that before.”

Talk to Me, God . . . I’m Confused
Comfort and Healing When God’s People Stumble

At last, a crash course not written by a self-help guru, a college professor, or a Tibetan monk to help Christians avoid the potholes of life. In a down to earth approach, Talk to Me, God . . . I’m Confused is all about acknowledging the problems of life and dealing with them with patience and understanding. When Christians fall behind in their spiritual life, they need the priming of prayer and worship, or the sharpening of suffering and hardship to learn how to deal with disappointment and loss. Talk to Me, God is all about priming and sharpening to keep God’s people from stumbling though life.

While many are stretched to the limit by overdue mortgage payments, the loss of a job, or a relationship going nowhere, the good news is that many Christians know they need help in living for Christ in an uncertain world. They look for strength to do the right thing even when it puts them crosswise with society and they yearn for encouragement and direction administered in a firm but understanding way.

Take the high road Jesus said, but what do you do when bill collectors are after your soul, and friends give wise advice like “Be cool, everything will work out.” The devil loves that advice. He dotes on misunderstandings about how God’s love fits into the troubled Christian life and what you do when fear challenges faith. It’s difficult, many say, to make room for spiritual maters in the midst of the secular affairs of life. Turning the other cheek means weakness. Marriage has its struggles as well, but two united in Christ find a contentment and fullness of life in each other they could not find alone. The good news is that God meets every down and dirty challenge with confidence and commitment.

This lively book, loaded with a wealth of experience, a smattering of humor, contemporary stories, and how-to illustrations (sometimes how-not-to illustrations) rewards the reader’s search for guidance and inspiration. Pastor, teacher, and free-lance writer, Wayne Bartelt takes you on a junket through the Christian life that includes tears, frowns, and smiles.

Though written to refresh the spiritual life of individual Christians,
Talk to Me God may be used in a group setting. Bible Class and Cell Group
leaders continually search for relevant, well-written material and
appreciate carefully thought out Study Guides written in a contemporary,
easy-to-understand style that provokes discussion.

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